NS/CB is a collaborative mural and street art team based out of Miami, Florida composed of Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett.

    Their first mural was with Centre Fuge Public Art Project  on their trailer located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in September 2013. That was only the beginning.  They had never done a mural before  so after doing what research they could on different processes of mural painting, they decided  to try free-handing the mural without projectors or grids. This free form method became their process for the next several murals they did around Manhattan and Brooklyn. That December they were asked to paint a mural at Gramps Bar in Wynwood, Miami  and Kill Your Idols Bar in Miami Beach during the Art Basel 2013. Over the course of two weeks they not only painted those murals but ended up painting a total of 6 murals in the Miami area. Now in 2016 they have murals in different cities and countries.

  Stylistically, Nicole is inspired by a vast array of genres and mediums. From victorian design to Indigenous folk art , fantasy and so on...her background has been steeped in art since she was a child, so it is truly her nature. Chuck has done art in some way or another since he was a child as well. He was heavily influenced by early heavy metal album art, Frank Frazetta, Creepy and Eerie comics, horror etc... He and Nicole met through a mutual admiration for one anothers work. They are both inspired by many different things, but they are mostly inspired by one another. 


Photograph by Ventiko